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Stove Sweeping - We also check the condition of the stove, carry out a smoke evacuation test and issue a SafeSweep Cert.

Certified Stove Sweep

Stove Sweep - Fully Insured, OFTEC Solid Fuel Approved Business.

It typically takes about 40 minutes to sweep a stove, We clean all types of stoves cookers and open fires. Most appliances are swept using power sweeping equipment. This generally allows us to get around the tightest of bends in the stove piping (90 degree). However in some makes of boiler stoves when the piping comes off the top of the stove, the exit is blocked by the boiler bar. In these stoves  a good stove installer will  install a soot door or an inspection hatch as this will allow safe and easy access to the flue for sweeping. Occasionally this is not the case and the stove will need to be cleaned from the top down!



When cleaning a stove, we start by putting down new plastic ground sheets. Then we strip the stove of the throat plates and side and back cheeks (this may not be required in all cases). We power sweep a stove. Prior to power sweeping we block the stove with large form blocks (this prevents soot spillage into the room). We have a vacuum running throughout the whole process, so that the sweep is as clean as humanly possible. Power sweeping ensures that the stove is swept properly. It puts no pressure on the stove pipes or chimney flue.


When you get us to sweep your stove, we carry out a number of checks as well, which include:

​We often inspect the stove connection for correct installation with a small forward facing camera.

  • We check for chimney tar or creosote.

  • We check for adequate air supply and that vents are functioning properly.

  • We check the seals on the stove and that the visible installation complies with document J of Building regulations.

  • We do a ground level inspection of stack, cowling and pots to make sure that they are in reasonable condition and suitable for use with your appliance.

  • We check your carbon monoxide detector to make sure it is functioning and positioned correctly.

  • We check that the height of the chimney is sufficient to create a reasonable draft..

  • We check that the chimney terminates in a compliant position.

  • Depending on what we find we will often advise on safe fuel storage and the moisture content of the fuels been burned.


To book a stove sweep you can book online or call us at 01 9053875.


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