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Chimney Video Surveys

We offer 2 types:

1. Video Scan and OFTEC Cert.

  2. Full Survey with Video and Written report.

We sweep chimneys before commencing survey/scan

Chimney CCTV Inspection

The purpose of a chimney survey is to identify a problem. This problem may current be asymptotic and causing the home owner concern or worry. In the case of a new home purchase it may identify a problem that has not been identified yet.


We use German Technology to carry out our CCTV chimney surveys. We use a 180' tilt and 360' pan camera head with high beam LED'S to survey the chimney. We can survey chimney up to 20m tall.


The first question you should ask a potential contractor is are they using a pan and tilt camera or are the using forward facing camera. You cannot examine the liner joints properly with a forward-facing camera. They should also be professionally trained & be able to prove it.








You can have the chimney CCTV inspected for €250.00 and that includes sweeping as well (no video). If you are looking for a survey with report and DVD it will cost €350.00, all prices inclusive of VAT @ 13.5%. Prices quoted are for one/two storey properties.

When should you have a survey carried out?
  • If you have recently had a chimney fire.

  • If you have moved into a new house, you don't know the condition of the flue likewise if you have not had a fire lighting in a long time, you don't know what condition your flue is in.

  • If you are experiencing chimney problems such as the smell of smoke in another room or upstairs when the fire is lighting.

  • If there are visible signs of deterioration on your chimney such as cracks or smoke spillage marks on the chimney breast or cracks or smoke spillage on the chimney stack.

  • If you are changing appliance, we will check the internal diameter of the flue is the correct diameter for the entire length of the flue and that the flue lining is suitable for the new appliance been used. We also check for residual creosote or chimney tar in the flue, Please see photo below as an example of what you can expect if there is residual creosote or tar in the flue and you insert a flexi liner.



The chimney was swept by traditional methods, no camera inspection or descaling of the flue was carried out, the liner and stove were fitted without insulation, now it would be advisable for the liner to be removed, the chimney to be inspected by a pan and tilt CCTV camera and chemically treated if necessary to dry out the tar, the chimney will then need to be descaled and the liner and the stove refitted in line with building regulations (J,L) or the manufacturers installation instructions. (whichever is most onerous).


Call us at 01 9053875 or click here to make an online booking.

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