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Solid  Fuel Stove Servicing
We can service most stove brands 
including: Morso, Stovax, Firewarm, Tripp,
San Remo, Heta, Hunter, Clearview, Firefox, Henley, Charnwood 

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We can provide parts and servicing for  most stove brands! 
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Wood Burner & Multi Fuel Stove Maintenance

The correct maintenance and servicing of your stove is critically important if you want to keep it operating  safely. Your stove should be serviced at least once a year at the end of the burn season or as per the interval specified in the  manufacturers installation manual.

Chimney Sweeping and Servicing

For Chimney Sweeping/ Stove Servicing in Dublin Area please contact

What is Included Whats Included in a stove service

  • We clean and inspect the stove fire grate or grate bars / baffle plates/ coal catcher/ ash pan & internal bricks for signs of wear and tear. Cracked fire bricks may be repaired with fire cement where appropriate. We generally replace refractory  fire bricks with heat reflecting vermiculite panels. Iron fire checks that expose the stove are always replaced with like for like where parts are available.

  • We check that the rope seal on the  door is airtight and securely attached. Over time the rope seals become depressed and hard. They can also detach from the stove or fray and require replacement when this happens.

  • We check the condition of the stove glass and gasket for small stress cracks, we clean the stove class with a Schott Atmosphere cleaning pad.

  • We check the condition of the stove bodywork for cracks and corrosion, we also check the integrity of the flue collar and the top or back blanking plate. We also polish the stove to bring it back to as close to a show room position as much as possible.

  • We check that the fire cement seal on the stove pipe and replace it where necessary. We check the stove connection to the flue, we also check the chimney cowl that it is appropriate​ and in good condition. 

  • We check the carbon monoxide detector that it is in the right position, the replacement date and that it is in working condition. We also check that air vents or independent air supply is appropriate and open, we also carry out a smoke evacuation check.

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