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Stove Rope Replacement

We can replace the stove rope on the front door of your stove from €60 depending on the make and the model of stove. The typical price of the rope, glue and tape ends cost about €18 to €25. So total cost for rope replacement averages €75-€80.  A simple test to check if your stove rope requires replacing is to stick a A4 piece of paper in between the door and the stove box and if the paper can be pulled out when the door is in a locked position then the stove rope needs replacing. 

The door rope on a stove serves an important purpose: it creates a seal between the stove door and the body of the stove, preventing heat and smoke from escaping. Over time, the door rope can become worn or damaged, which can compromise the effectiveness of the seal and lead to problems such as heat loss, decreased stove efficiency, and potential safety hazards.

Here are some specific reasons why you should consider replacing the door rope on your stove:

  • Improved stove efficiency: A properly functioning door rope seal helps to keep heat inside the stove, which means the stove doesn't have to work as hard to maintain the desired temperature. This can result in improved stove efficiency, which means you'll use less fuel and save money on heating costs.

  • Reduced heat loss: If the door rope is worn or damaged, heat can escape from the stove, which can make it harder to maintain a consistent temperature in your home. This can result in higher heating bills and a less comfortable living space.

  • Improved safety: A damaged door rope can allow smoke and potentially harmful gases to escape from the stove and enter your home. This can create a safety hazard, especially if you have young children, pets, or elderly family members living in the home.

  • Longer stove lifespan: If your stove is working harder than it needs to because of a damaged door rope seal, it can put additional strain on the stove's components, which can lead to premature wear and tear. By replacing the door rope, you can help ensure that your stove lasts as long as possible.

In summary, replacing the door rope on your stove can help improve stove efficiency, reduce heat loss, improve safety, and extend the lifespan of your stove

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Models of solid fuel stoves we work on:

Green-insert-stove-door-rope -replacemnet.jpg

Green Stoves 3/5/6kw Insert

Green Stoves 4kw FS


Green Stoves 6/7/8/10kw FS Non-Boiler

Firewarm Stove Spares.jpg
firewarm 4kw freestanding.jpg

Firewarm 4/5/6/7kw Insert

Firewarm 4/6/8/12/16kw FS Non Boiler

Firewarm 12/16/25/30kw FS  Boiler

Firewarm  Free Standding  stove spares.jpg
Fire warm freestanding boiler stove

San Remo  4/5/6/7kw Insert

San Remo FS Door Rope Replacement.jpg

San Remo  4/6/8/12kw FS
Non Boiler

San Remo FS Door Rope Replacement.jpg

San Remo  4/6/8/12kw FS Boiler


Stanley Oisin


Stanley Cara


Stanley Oscar

Stanley Aoife Stove Service.jpg

Stanley Tara

Stanley Tara Stove Service.jpg

Stanley Aoife

Henley Stove Servicing.jpg
Henley Achill  Stove Service.jpg

Henley Achill

Henley Aran Stove Service.jpg
Henley Apollo 5kw 7kw.jpg

Henley Arklow

Henley Kells.jpg

Henley Kells

Henley Erne Stove Service.jpg

Henley Erne

Henley Aran

Moros Stove Spare Parts.jpg
1410 morso squirrel stove rope replacement.jpg

Morso Squirrel Freestanding Stove

Morso Swift Freestanding Stove

Morso Badger Freestanding Stove

Morso Lion Freestanding Stove

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