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Baffle/Throat Plate for Charnwood Country 4


The Replacement Baffle/Throat Plate For Charnwood Country 4 is a steel plate that is located above the firebox and is designed to slow down the the flames within the firebox.  By stopping the flames from exiting the stove to early means that you will get a cleaner more efficient burn so you will get more heat into the room from your Charnwood Country 4 stove.

The Country 4 baffle plate also protects the top of the stove against excessive heat that can damage the stoves top.

Using your stove with a damaged baffle can cause serious damage to your stove.

Suitable for Charnwood Country 4 MK1 & MK2

Charnwood Country 4 Baffle/Throat Plate

SKU: 010-PV31
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