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We now offer a New Homeowner Safety Inspection Service for the chimney or stove in your new home. It is designed for those who have recently moved into a property and who do not have any paperwork relating to the fireplace or stove.

Our New Homeowner Chimney Safety Inspection Service includes:

  • A visual inspection of accessible parts of your installation, including the fireplace area, lower part of the flue and a ground level check of your chimney terminal, to ensure it meets with current regulations and relevant standards.

  • We check all accessible parts of your fire/stove and its internal components.

  • A full sweep of the flue serving your Fireplace, Stove, Range/Cooker.

  • A CCTV inspection of the flue serving your appliance or fireplace, to check the condition of the flue and identify any possible defects.

  • A flue smoke evacuation test.

  • Advice on using your stove/fireplace safely and efficiently, fuel type, fuel storage, etc.

  • OFTEC CD81 Service Certificate issued.

  • We can arrange collect and return of keys with Estate Agents on your behalf.

       Cost €270

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