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  Carbon Monoxide  Detector Supplied & Fitted €60- For the symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning please click here.

Carbon Monoxide Detectors Fitted

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Honeywell XC70 X-Series Carbon Monoxide Detector & Alarm

Supplied & Fitted for €60.00

Product Code: XC70-EN

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Honeywell XC70 X-Series Carbon Monoxide Detector

& Alarm Key Features

  • Compliant to BS EN50291-1:2010.

  • BSI Kitemarked.

  • 7 Year Manufacturers Warranty.

  • LED display.

  • Tamper-proof Lithium battery back.

  • Operates at 90db from 1 metre.

  • Can be Free standing or wall mounted.

  • Alarm memory.

  • Extra loud sounder output.

  • Easy installation.

  • Compact design.

  • Wireless interconnection with the XW100.

  • Reduced sound testing.

Product Information

About The Honeywell XC70:

Part of the brand new Honeywell X-Series range of products the XC-70 Carbon Monoxide Detector is designed to meet any general household demands for both personal and professional use.

Suitable for both Landlords and General Public the XC-70 offers the latest technology mixed with brilliant design.

The XC70 Carbon Monoxide detector comes with a 7 year manufacturers warranty and all units in the X-Series product range are supplied with a tamper-proof Lithium battery pack. It has a very easy installation process and can either be free-standing or wall mounted. XC70 comes complete with a large button on the front panel that allows you to either 'test' or 'silence' the alarm. 

90db Sounder With Quiet Test Facility

What makes this unit so unique is it's extra loud sounder located on the top right side of the alarm just above the visible 'test' button. This is ideal for buyers who may suffer from any hearing impairments. Generic alarms operate at approximately 80db from 1 metre whereas this specific unit operates at 90db from the same distance.

Another great feature included with this unit is it's ability to test at a reduced sound level, therefore preventing any harm to you or the residents within close proximity of the alarm. Simply pressing the test button activates the test but rather than a loud 90DB alarm the sound output is reduced.


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