Wall Vents Installed

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Your appliance whether it be a open fire, gase fire, stove, etc. An air supply is required for each and every appliance as well as a carbon monoxide detector. In some cases a stove will have an independant air supply but in most cases it will require a wall vent with appropiate ventilation to suit the sizing or KW of the stove. Air supply is vital to the safe operation of any gas, oil , soild fuel fire.

It generally costs in in the region of €250 to have a single vent installed. Our vent of preference is called a DR21 vent. 

The DR21 vent is versatile

  • It uses a 4" hole

  • It has 10" diameter.

  • It protrudes 3" from the wall

  • It fits exactly over a 4" vent hole.

  • It adapts to other sizes easily.

  • In a damp 9” wall you can drill part way through from both sides, then use a breaker through the middle 

The DR21 air vent is approved by HETAS (the governing body for solid fuel burners) throughput equivalent to 3400mm² of free air. It was tested by BRE, according to BSEN13141.It is also easy to install!

The DR21 air vent can replace underfloor venting, reducing the draught under the floor which can make a room cold. The DR21 air vent can replace a bathroom vent cover (but usually not the extractor fan in a kitchen, as fat can clog the baffle inside the vent).​

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