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A spinning cowl is ideal for a chimney that gets smoke blowback when it is windy. The spinning cowl creates updraught by spinning, therefore pulling smoke upwards and out of the flue system. 


The Rotorvent Ultralite 2 is a highly competitive, top quality revolving anti downdraught cowl and ventilator for use on flues and chimneys. Rotorvent Ultralites can also be used on land fill sites to extract gases, and as general purpose ventilators.


The all new Rotorvent® Ultralite 2 can lay claim to being the lightest
revolving cowl on the market. Weighing under 2kg, it is an amazing 40% lighter than the original Rotorvent. This makes the product even more ideal for additional applications such as installation on top of methane vents as well as traditional flues and chimney pots.
Yet another technical breakthrough by Colt Cowls has meant that the Ultralight revolving cowl is made substantially from aluminium.


  • Tested and certified under new regulation BSEN 16475-7:2016 and BSEN-1856-1:2003
  • Exceptionally light weight
  • Suitable for use on all fuels
  • Comes with strap fixing kit
  • Money Back Guarantee
  • Certified to BSEN 1856-1:2003 and BSEN16475-7:2016
  • Black finish reduces reflections in sunlight
  • Fits 80mm to 250mm

Colt Rotorvent® Ultralite 2 Spinning Cowl

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